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PID Control Tuning - Ocean City Brewing Company

OC Electric maintains all the electrical related equipment for OC Brewing Company in Ocean City, MD.  From a bad light bulb to complex PID control tuning for the brew process we provide complete electrical services to the popular restaurant and brewing company.  Contact OC Electric LLC for more information on a wide range of electrical services we can provide your home or business. 

PID Controllers

The PID controller algorithm involves three separate constant parameters, and is accordingly sometimes called three-term control: the proportional, the integral and derivative values.  Simply put, these values can be interpreted in terms of time:  depending on the present error, on the accumulation of past errors, and a prediction of future errors, based on the current rate of change.  The weighted sum of these three actions is used to adjust the process via a control element such as the position of a control valve, a damper, or the power supplied to a heating element.

Dramatic Process Control and Stability

In the absence of knowledge of the underlying process, a PID controller has historically been considered to be the most useful controller.  By tuning the three parameters in the PID controller algorithm, the controller can provide control action designed for specific process requirements.  The response of the controller can be described in terms of the responsiveness of the controller to an error, the degree to which the controller overshoots the set-point, and the degree of system oscillation.  The use of a PID algorithm for control dramatically improves control of the system and system stability.


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